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"Sketching a bit of England"

Sunday, September 3- Sunday, September 10, 2017

Eight Days, Seven Nights
Workshop Tuition: $700 
Estimated budget: $2,900*
See right-hand column for details

Come join us in September 2017 for a travel sketching holiday in the market town of Marlborough, England--about 75 miles west of London. 

For one week, we'll unpack once and stay at the historical hotel, Castle & Ball, located on High Street. The accommodations include a nicely appointed room with daily full-English breakfast.  

We'll meet everyday from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., sketching towns, villages, ancient churches, thatched-roofs cottages, historical buildings, local pubs, prehistoric trails and so much more.

I'd like to keep the number of students attending to around 10 with a minimum of four. The workshop will cost $700 for the week. You can find further details on other costs by reviewing the sidebar to your right (please review with your computer, not available on phone or tablet). 

Traditional cream tea consists of
pot of tea, a scone with Devon
cream and jam. Yum! We'll have to go to
 Polly's Tea House to experience the best!
A Famous Market Town
Marlborough has a rich history. Legend says that Merlin is buried there and that the town is named after him. In the 1067, William the Conqueror took control of Marlborough and built a castle, claimed the nearby Savernake Forest as royal hunting grounds and established a mint.  

King Henry VIII was married to Jane Seymore not far from Marlborough and his famous Lord Chancellor, Thomas Wolsey, was ordained in the old parish church, St. Peters, which is now an Art Center. 
Behind the shops runs the river Kennet with swans, ducks and two walking bridges. We will spend a lot of our time sketching the River Kennet and the surrounding area. You won't be disappointed.

Lining the streets of Marlborough are the most delightful shops ever. My favorite of course is the White Horse Bookshop that houses an art shop upstairs. This is where my return to fine arts all began with the purchase of a small book on drawing.

More of Marlborough

Field Trips

Monday, September 4  
We'll be hiring a bus to take us to Avebury, England. While Stonehenge gets all the attention for their monolithic circle, Avebury is far more interesting (and less crowded). Their monument has three stone circles around the village of Avebury and contains the largest stone circle in Europe. A wonderful site to sketch.
Thatched roof cottage in Chiseld
Wednesday 5
Back in 2000, my family and I lived in Chiseldon and fell in love with it. The village is very small and charming with thatched roofs, local pubs (public houses) and great sketching ops.  
With a population of less than 3,000, Chiseldon is the quintessential English village. The area dates back to prehistoric and Roman times and has an Anglican church, Holy Cross that was built in the 13th century. Imagine, that was the time of Chaucer and another road trip (Canterbury Tales)! No matter where you look, you'll find something to sketch and/or photograph and you'll have an entire week to do so.

Thursday September 7 Bath
Pulteney Bridge, Bath
One cannot visit the Marlborough area and not stop by Bath. We will take the local bus and train to this charming city of Jane Austin, Roman Baths and so much more. We'll sketch the Pulteney Bridge built in 1774 and its charming shops, the square outside the Roman baths. Perhaps at the end, we can have picnic lunch in the Parade Gardens.

Saturday, September 9
Lacock and Castle Combe
Another tour bus will take us to two 13th and 14th century villages in Wiltshire, both considered the finest examples of historic village life:
 Lacock and Castle Combe. The two villages are so authentic many movies have been made there, including Iron HorseHarry Potterand Pride and Prejudice to name a few.


Have I whetted your appetite? If so...
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*Estimated Budget
It's somewhat difficult to estimate the exact costs for this type of trip especially when considering exchange rates.  My best advice is to talk with Karen Cornell at AAA Travel (503-973-6562) or your own travel agent. But for now, here are the estimated costs as of today, November 10, 2016 (from Portland, Ore.):

  •  Hotel: Double room  (8-days; 7-nights) £790 or $987 ($141 per night, which includes full English breakfast. Exchange rate based on today's date: 11/10/16.
  • Round-trip Airfare: Economy  $1,000 to $1,200
  • Tuition: $700
  • Total $2,887**
**This total  does not include incidentals such as local transport, other meals and/or entrance fees. We'll eat most lunches on location. Rates subject to change.

Here's what people are saying:
It was a wonderful trip to sketch in England with a terrific teacher. We loved Bath and so many other places.  The other thing, we loved the hiking [on their own time]… to enjoy the country along with the cows, sheep and small streams.  Small tea and coffee houses and yes the great biscuits(scones with jam).  Darlene L

Easy to catch bus or taxi to Swindon where one can find a train to other towns.  The sketching sites were well chosen and fun.  Thoroughly enjoyed everything.  Cheryl S.

Sketching in England with Jill is instructive, informative and a lot of fun. Her choices of sketching subjects and destinations are unique and well-researched: Quaint villages, pubs, thatched houses, old churches and heritage sites. The local people were very friendly and incredibly helpful. I had a great time and can hardly wait to do it again. Darlene V.

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